KissTxhxeRain's Characters

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KissTxhxeRain's Characters

Post  RageDoomsday on Tue May 11, 2010 4:39 am

KissTxhxeRain's Characters

Not all may be active at a time but these are basic over view and Development of characters.

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Re: KissTxhxeRain's Characters

Post  KissTxhxeRain on Sun May 23, 2010 2:21 am

Name: Feradar Nulian

Age: Looks about mid-20s

Height: 6'6

Race: Elf

Bio: His name means means 'Champion of the world' and 'Hopeful master.' Surrounded by war, he is next in line to rule the vast army who lives off of bloodshed, though Feradar's heart is too soft. At every lecture about the 'battlefield' and about where his bloodline derives, he gives an eye roll. His father is the general of their army called the Amacla, renamed after the death of his mother. It was originally called Galamaethor meaning radiant warrior and was a generations old name. After Maesael took over, it became a clan of constant warfare and death. Obsessed with power, he demanded to be respected by everyone and had control of everything. The only thing he couldn't control was the heart of his son, Feradar, who would rather watch the sunsets sitting in peace and quiet. His mother, Amacla's name means beautiful rose and so embraced her name. Up until the day she died, she wore fresh roses in her hair. After the day the young Feradar found his slain mother, he kept his blond hair long in remembrance of her.

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