Site Rules, Guidelines, and Information. (PLEASE READ!)

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Site Rules, Guidelines, and Information. (PLEASE READ!)

Post  RageDoomsday on Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:42 pm

Welcome to Neko Buritsutani's. This site was made for myself and my friends to RP on. If you are not a friend of a current member please know that you and your IP address will be banned. This is a private form. Please read everything below before you post on the forums, thank you.

Site Rules
1) If you are new and a fourm has not been created here for you, please PM RageDoomsday if its been over a day after you joining, and she will get a character topic up for you. All Characters must be posted in your topic and then can be linked back too in the forum. (If you do not know how to link a post message Rage and she will do it for you)
2) This is a private RP forum, if you wish to invite a friend please get permission here before they join.
3) All Character posts must follow this character skeleton.

[b]Name:[/b] Your Character's Name

[b]Age:[/b] Your Character's Age

[b]Race:[/b] Your Character's Race

[b]Status:[/b] [color=red]Not Active[/color] or [b]Active[/b] and an attached link to what RP and there part in the story (Student, teacher, prince, owner, ect)

[b]Bio:[/b] Your Character's Story

[b]Personality Traits[/b]: Your Character's Traits

[b]Abilities:[/b] Your Character's Abilities, if any.

[b]Appearance:[/b] Description of what your character looks like.

[img]Character Picture[/img]

[b]Other:[/b] Any note that you would like to note about your character (Likes, Dislikes, people who may be allowed to bunny or RP the character)
4) While there is no rating for the forums, I do ask that if a topic starts to get hot you create a topic in the Personal Role Plays forum for you and the other party.
5) No Spamming, period.
6) Don't post personal information like your address and telephone number on the forums. If you wish to share such information, please do so only with trusted individuals, and in a private manner, such as through e-mail or private messaging. Also, do not violate any other user's privacy by publishing information that is private and personal. While everyone is invited by friend, some people are strangers to others and I do not want personal information on the site.
7) No Racist or Sexist remarks
8 ) No Flaming
9) Seperate Forum rules, please be sure to also pay attention to any additional rules for a particular forum. These seperate forum rules are only to be followed in that particular forum. Those rules were created to suit the needs of that particular forum that they were created for.
10) DO NOT create a Role Play without talking to RageDoomsday first and getting permission in the request topic.
11) If you do not understand the whole story or plot of a role play. Be sure to talk to the creator before you post in it so you can get an understanding of it.
12) If you have any questions please post them here.

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