Subjugate's Characters

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Subjugate's Characters

Post  RageDoomsday on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:46 pm

Subjugate's Characters

Not all may be active at a time but these are basic over view and Development of characters.

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Re: Subjugate's Characters

Post  Subjugate on Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:25 pm

TO BE CONTINUED (in need of sleep)

Player's name: Steve
Character's name: Riven Senker
Race: Human
Class: Ranger (melee)
Alignment: neutral
Religion/deity: none
Personality and brief history: Riven was brought up by two parents, just like everyone else. From a young age, he was introduced to martial arts, due to his father having been a monk. Riven didn't quite have the immense discipline to follow in his father's footsteps as a monk, but with time, he found his own way. Part of the monk training, which Riven tried, was to live in the wilderness for a month at a time with no supplies whatsoever. Through this, Riven gained a huge appreciation for nature and learned about the wild. He decided, that is where his real home truly is. As he grew, he decided to take up weapons training. While the monk way of unarmed striking was indeed deadly, Riven felt it was not always so practical. Riven learned many different weapons, but his strongest is the sabre.

Hair: Brown, wavy, middle of back
Body type: Skinny-muscular
height: 5'9
eyes: Green
Face: young but focused
Clothing: Dark green short-sleeved tunic, Dark brown baggy pants with a lot of pockets. Black belt with x-shaped buckle. Black stealth boots. Wears a wrist support wrap on left hand. Also wears a dark grey cloak over his normal clothing. The clock falls down to right above his knees.
equipment (for the picture only). He carries a small pack, has two short swords sheathed and a sabre on his back. Also carries a bow and quiver of arrows.

Normal items

Magic items

skills: 3 to start with, as time goes on, you will gain more.
wilderness survival
basic and martial weapons proficiency (sabre strong weapon)

Spells (if applicable). Please include a brief description of each spell"

If your character starts with items, please explain how they obtained them.

Have fun!


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